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Hours of Operation
Monday — Sunday, 9:00 a.m. — 11:00 p.m.

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JAK Water Sports COVID Protocols

Your health is our top priority. Please review our measures to keep all guests safe both during and after your excursion.


  • All Guests will be required to have and wear masks that they supply to participate! Gloves will remain optional.
  • In order to participate in our tours, guests will be required to complete a Symptomatic Questionnaire, as well as sign that they are showing no symptoms. Once at tour location each guest will be required to pass an infrared thermometer forehead scan, any reading higher than 100.3 will be unable to participate, in accordance with recommendations from OSHA and Tourism company.
  • Botanical Insect Repellant will no longer be available to pick up and apply. An appointed Guide Staff in PPE will call up couples or family groups and offer repellant by spraying into hands, this will prevent community touching of repellent bottles!


  • Outdoor washing stations are established for employees and participants use, as well as hand disinfection.
  • All disinfectant products used will comply with a minimum of 60% alcohol and / or approved disinfectant solutions.
  • Posters will be displayed so employees and passengers, visitors can easily see them as REMINDERS to wash their hands, use disinfectant and maintain social distance.


  • All employees receive training in new practices leading to avoid contagion, protect your health and be in position to provide relevant information to visitors.
  • The use of personal protective equipment such as masks, temperature taking, submit to sanitizing protocols and disinfection is required before the start of the employee’s shift.
  • Daily census where they report the risk level of their family environment, certification of potential contacts and establishment of any symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • Employees will always wear face masks
  • Hand washing (lasting 20 seconds) and or hand sanitizer at intervals of not more than every 30 minutes


  • Equipment, truck and Trailer are cleaned and maintained daily before each tour operation, including the guide staff uniforms, refilling of hand sanitizing gels, disinfecting soap at hand washing sink as well as a full truck and trailer cleaning.
  • In the case of a second tour, paddles, seats and backrests will be sterilized and wiped down before second group is ever in contact or seated to kayaks. This will include paddles, seated backrests, entry and exit points on kayaks or commonly touched areas.

Thank you for your cooperation

Our operations will be diligent and focused on making sure that guides, staff and guests receive an organized, safe, and healthy experience during any of our tours. Thank you for your consideration on and overview of our Safety measurements plan.

JAK Water Sports
Owner/Operator Denisse De Leon/Capt Carlos Bermudez