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Biobay Tour

"Bienvenidos" to a unique and rare Bioluminescent Experience, an adventure not to be missed while on Vieques Island! Join this fully guided night trip into one of the most amazing natural phenomena of the world with our tandem CLEAR BOTTOM KAYAK! This pristine ecosystem teems with astonishing marine life, inhabiting a secluded bay protected by mangrove forests. You will meet our glowing friends, the Pyrodinium Bahamense, a microscopic plankton capable of producing natural light at the touch of your hand!

Once-in-a-Lifetime Bioluminescent Experience!

At the prescribed time, we meet on the dirt parking lot close to the fisherman dock in Esperanza on road 996   https://maps.app.goo.gl/SCtSEazKoju3xN6w9. Your Eco interpretive guides call the group of kayakers together for a briefing session covering basic kayak handling, rules of the road and the importance of keeping to a minimum any disturbance of the pristine environment of the bioluminescent bay.

Explore these amazing organisms up close in our smaller group excursions led by knowledgeable interpretive guides. Learn how this fragile and unique ecosystem maintains a perfect balance of life, and what you can do to protect such a special place.

Our 2 hour bio bay CLEAR BOTTOM KAYAK excursion includes interesting interpretations about the reserve fragile ecological system, star constellations, and a fascinating encounter with millions of bioluminescent organisms. As you glide along in your kayak, experiencing this unusual nighttime phenomenon and seeing how fish light up their path like shooting stars in the water, you might get the feeling that the dark Caribbean sky is getting jealous of the glowing water below as it tries to catch up with shooting stars and impressive constellations!

JAK Water Sports, beyond doubt, can provide you with the best interpretative kayak trip in the Puerto Mosquito bioluminescent bay. Go -"ECO"- explore, conserve, observe with JAK Water Sports and learn with our professional staff about the unique ecosystems, splendid constellations and glowing waters! The adventure to Puerto Mosquito can only be described as magical, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

Let your Adventure Begin!


Call (787) 644-7112 to check on availability and trip times.

Please be prepared with the following information:

  • Number of people in your group
  • Your lodging in Vieques Island
  • Visa, MasterCard or Discover number to guarantee the reservation and spaces. 
  • We will gladly send an email confirmation of your reservation with directions. If you plan to pay with a credit card, for our mutual security, the physical card must be presented at time of check-in. See below for our policy and cancellations. 

Weather Conditions and Your Trip

The tour is not cancelled on rainy days; it is still safe and the water is still glowing under the rain. JAK Water Sports and Rental reserves the right to cancel or reroute any tour due to acts of nature or unforeseen circumstances that would hinder our ability to safely run a trip. If we are unable to provide you with another trip, any money paid will be fully refunded. We make all the determinations about weather cancellations however, so please don't make the mistake of deciding you're not going to come because you think the weather might not be acceptable, as you will be charged if the trip goes out. If you ever have a question about weather conditions, please call us prior to 10 AM on your day of trip to be sure.

Things to Know

  • Check-in: We meet on the dirt parking lot close to the                  fisherman dock   in Esperanza on road 996  https://maps.app.goo.gl/SCtSEazKoju3xN6w9.  
  • Insect repellent, optional: Please select a deet-free kind to minimize bay contamination.
  • Suggested clothing: long sleeve top (the bay gets chilly on certain month of the year), shorts, sandals that can get wet.
  • Please leave large bags at your lodgings as there is not storage on the kayaks or the meeting place. 
  • Please keep in mind that you need to stay overnight in Vieques  if you plan to see our Biobay. Vieques Island is a separate island from the main island of Puerto Rico.  You must take a ferry www.puertoricoferry.com  or a plane to get here.  
  • Our kayaks have a combined weight limit of 385 lbs.  If you need special accommodations, please inform us at the time of your booking so that we can provide them.

Cancellation Policy

  • Credit cards are not charged in advance of check-in, and are only manually run per our cancellation policy:
  • Reservations canceled after 10:00 AM, day of trip.
  • Failure to show or missed departure time.
  • Spaces reserved but not used by the party at the last minute are considered a cancellation, and will be charged the regular rate and the full amount.

  • To avoid cancellation fees, you must call before 10:00 AM of the day of your scheduled trip.
  • For groups of 8 or more will have 48 hrs. before the date of your tour to cancel to avoid being charged. We charge all large groups 48 hrs. before your tour.
  • Reservations booked the day of are non-refundable.
  • It is the client's responsibility to arrive to Vieques island on time for their reserved activities or Biobay tours. Travel delays to Vieques do not constitute a reason for refunds. 

  All natural ecosystems are dynamic and their conditions can vary. Puerto Mosquito is known as a bright and stable bioluminescent bay, but the intensity of the glow may fluctuate due natural changes beyond our control.    

Safety and Physical Condition Restrictions

For safety and health reasons, those under the following conditions are not allowed to participate in kayaking excursions with JAK Water Sports.

  • children under 4 years of age
  • pregnant women 6 months or more
  • those who have epilepsy, back problems, heart conditions, dizziness, recent surgery
  • any other condition that may put life (yours, our guides, or other guests) at risk

Please help us make this a pleasant experience for all!